What is Ocean Freight Forwarding?

When it comes to ocean freight forwarding, sea logistics is among the best methods for Container Shipping via Ocean. Additionally, one of the greenest options for land or air cargo operations is provided by ocean freight forwarding. We are one of the leading providers of shipper services; to provide our clients with comprehensive ocean shipping services, TruckOutsource Inc, leverage our broad network and expertise in sea logistics.

Benefits of Ocean Freight Services

In terms of numbers, sea freight logistics offers a lot of advantages that make it the best choice for businesses looking to ship in the United States using containers. Cost-effectiveness is one of the key benefits, as shipping by sea is typically less expensive than using other modes of transportation. Furthermore, ocean freight shipping gives businesses worldwide reach, enabling them to enter US markets.It also has the flexibility to expand and adapt, which makes it simple to adjust freight volumes in response to shifting demands.

Cost Effectiveness

Compared to alternative forms of transportation, Ocean shipping is more affordable.

Global Reach

Opportunities to grow and attract new clients in the United States.


Boost the volume of your shipments to satisfy strong demand.


optional and tailored to the demands of the freight


Full Container Loads

With a focus on managing 20- and 40-foot containers, we provide a reliable solution for shipping both regular and temperature-controlled cargo worldwide. With the help of our FCL services, you can be confident that your cargo will be shipped with the utmost care and reach its destination in the USA promptly and safely.

Less than Container Loads

Our less-than-full (LCL) services are designed for companies who carry smaller loads and provide an economical and adaptable means of sharing container capacity without using an entire container. This is the best method for effectively handling smaller loads.

Specialised Cargo Services

Whether your freight needs are for delicate, big, or unusual commodities, our specialist cargo services are professionally designed to meet your needs. Serving a broad range of commodities, such as heavy machinery, perishables, hazardous products, and valuable artwork. We make use of our knowledge, tools, and wide network to ensure the prompt, safe, and efficient transportation of your specific cargo.

Multimodal Services

To meet the diverse demands of our clients, we offer comprehensive door-to-door delivery services that integrate ocean freight with rail, road, and air transportation. With the help of this multimodal approach, your cargo will travel through the supply chain more seamlessly, speeding up transit, saving money, and providing you with an easy-to-understand logistics solution.

Booking Cargo Space

Our customized booking service is the first step in every shipment, guaranteeing that your cargo is matched perfectly with the right vessel, route, and schedule for your needs, whether FCL or LCL.

Cargo Consolidation & Loading

Through effective LCL consolidation and safe container loading, we maximize your shipping space and prices while guaranteeing efficiency and safety over international borders.

Documentation & Customs Clearance

Our staff competently manages all shipping paperwork and conducts customs clearance, guaranteeing adherence to global laws for a seamless transport.

Integrated Tracking & Insurance

With our complete insurance coverage and real-time tracking system, which keeps you informed and safe the entire trip, you can travel with peace of mind.

Final Mile Delivery & Support

When we arrive, we make sure that everything is precisely deconsolidated and delivered to the intended location. We also provide committed dispute resolution help to make sure you are satisfied at every stage.

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