Intermodal Dryage

A Motor Carrier normally assigned as Trucker to move Full Container loads like Twenty feet Equivalent and Fourty feet Equivalent out of Ocean and Rail Terminals to complete the loading or Unloading at the Warehouse and to terminate the Empty or Full Container back to the Ocean and Rail terminals that encompass the whole Intermodal Drayage Services.

Ocean Terminals

Drayage, often seen at ports, involves drivers moving full container loads. This includes general cargo, temperature-controlled goods with Geneset, hazardous materials, and special cargo for dry and bulk container haulages.

Rail Terminals

53-foot containers that arrived at inland ports have been transported by rail wagons. When comparing rail drayage to ocean drayage, it has been found to be the most cost-effective form of freight shuttle.

Supply Chain Flexibility

Through the use of multiple modes of transportation, intermodal drayage enables shippers to optimize route and its cost, speed, or environmental considerations.

Reduces Bottlenecks

Effective drayage operations ensure that cargo gets through the supply chain swiftly by reducing delays at busy ports and rail terminals.

Short Hauls

Shippers can optimize their routes in terms of cost, speed, and environmental considerations by utilizing intermodal drayage, which involves the utilization of various modes of transportation.

Balancing the Supply Chain Equation

Our strategy for intermodal drayage is to combine the advantages of several modes of transportation to achieve the ideal balance between cost, speed, and environmental effect.



In order to ensure the safe and effective transportation of electronics, consumer goods, building materials, automotive components, textiles, and non-perishable food and beverage products, Truckoutsource Inc. provides specialized haulage services for a wide range of commodities. Our 40-foot GP containers can hold up to 44,000 pounds, balancing compliance with weight restrictions with maximum load efficiency to meet the various shipping requirements of our customers.


Truckoutsource Inc. offers specialized 40-foot container hauling services to major industries including manufacturing, retail, construction, automotive, textile, and food & beverage. Our knowledge underpins these sectors, enabling seamless general cargo transit and enhancing supply chain dependability.


Our committed staff has extensive experience in handling a wide range of hazardous cargo, such as chemicals, flammable liquids, and gases. We ensure that every shipment is transported responsibly and safely by operating in complete conformity with the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) standards in the USA.


Industries that handle hazardous products on a daily basis, such as chemical production, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and construction, depend on our hazmat cargo services. In these fields, Truckoutsource Inc. is essential because it provides safe transportation solutions that put environmental preservation, regulatory compliance, and safety first.


Throughout their travel, perishable goods, medications, and other temperature-sensitive products are kept at exact temperatures thanks to our fleet of cutting-edge refrigerated units. We ensure the integrity of your cargo by using stringent temperature control procedures, so it always arrives in ideal condition.


Numerous industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and floral, depend on our temperature-controlled services. Truckoutsource Inc. provides specialized solutions that maintain the quality and safety of delicate items since it recognizes the vital significance of temperature integrity for these industries.


Using flexible fleet of open-top, flatrack, and open-side containers to carry wide variety of products. Our experience guarantees the safe and effective transportation of large objects, heavy machinery, and other unusual cargo, offering customized solutions that address the particular difficulties associated with bulk transportation.


Our bulk cargo services are available to a wide range of industries, such as industry, energy, construction, and agriculture, where the recurring need is to carry big, heavy, or oddly shaped goods. Our ability to provide specialty container alternatives, such as open-top, flatrack, and open-side containers, allows us to give flexible and efficient logistics solutions by guaranteeing the perfect fit for every shipment.

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Truckoutsource Inc offers tailored intermodal drayage solutions for all industries, ensuring seamless cargo transitions across rail, road, and sea. Our expertise and technology-driven approach streamline your supply chain, providing reliability and efficiency. Partner with us to elevate your logistics to new heights.

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TruckOutsource Inc. began its journey in 2019 as an independent dispatch agency, quickly evolving into a trusted Truck Dispatch Company by 2020. Specializing in intermodal logistics, we’ve grown our expertise across major hubs like California, New York, Houston, Savannah, and Ohio. In 2023, we proudly embraced our role as a Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider, marking a new chapter in offering comprehensive, tailored logistics solutions. Our commitment is to drive efficiency and success for our clients, transforming logistics challenges into seamless operations worldwide

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