We operate with timetables on all of the world’s major routes, working with carefully chosen carriers in the usa to provide you peace of mind and increase your efficiency. We provide a selection of extremely adaptable goods that enable you to select the delivery speed that best meets your needs.

why choose us


Discover hassel-free air forwarding with TruckOutsource. Our tailored, expert solutions leverage global reach and local insights for seamless cargo delivery. Choose efficiency and reliability with our air freight services.


  • Global Reach, Local Expertise

    Extensive network ensuring delivery anywhere around the globe with the advantage of local knowledge

  • End to End Visibility

    Hassle-free logistics from start to finish, ensuring a seamless shipping experience

  • Optional Cargo Insurance

    Secure peace of mind with our Optional Cargo Insurance, offering comprehensive protection for your air cargo every step of the way

  • Real-Time Visibility

    Advanced tracking technology for full visibility of your shipments in real time

  • Quick and Secure Delivery

    Focused on speed and security to ensure timely and safe arrival of your shipments

  • Comprehensive Services

    From pick-up to delivery, offering a complete suite of services including custom clearance and advanced tracking

key activities in air forwarding

Booking and Scheduling Shipments

Securing space on flights for cargo based on size, weight, and destination requirements

Cargo Consolidation

Combining smaller shipments into a single larger shipment to optimize costs and improve handling efficiency


Preparing necessary documentation for cargo shipment, including air waybills, commercial invoices, packing lists, and any required customs or regulatory paperwork

Customs Clearance

Handling the process of clearing goods through customs at both the origin and destination countries, including payment of duties and taxes if applicable

Cargo Inspection

Ensuring cargo is properly inspected before loading, complying with security and safety standards.

Packing and Crating

Providing appropriate packing and crating services to protect goods during transit and comply with airline regulations

Loading and Unloading

Coordinating the physical loading and unloading of cargo onto and off the aircraft, including the use of specialized ground handling equipment

Tracking and Monitoring

Utilizing tracking systems to provide real-time updates on the status and location of shipments


Arranging for the final delivery of the cargo to the consignee’s door, if included in the service package.

Risk Management

Offering optional cargo insurance and implementing measures to manage and mitigate risks associated with air transportation

Customer Service

Providing support and communication to shippers and consignees throughout the shipping process, addressing any concerns or changes in shipment plans

Commercial Air Terminals

Leverage TruckOutsource's premier Air Forwarding Services to seamlessly connect your cargo to major destinations across the United States. 

TruckOutsource Inc

TruckOutsource Inc. began its journey in 2019 as an independent dispatch agency, quickly evolving into a trusted Truck Dispatch Company by 2020. Specializing in intermodal logistics, we’ve grown our expertise across major hubs like California, New York, Houston, Savannah, and Ohio. In 2023, we proudly embraced our role as a Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider, marking a new chapter in offering comprehensive, tailored logistics solutions. Our commitment is to drive efficiency and success for our clients, transforming logistics challenges into seamless operations worldwide

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