Roles of Compliance Team in Trucking Industry?

What can be the role of the Compliance team in the Trucking Industry- A compliance staff must be hired by the carrier to handle daily needs. When a carrier is on board with a shipper or broker, delivering a shipment, consulting with FMCSA, or reviewing/fulfilling DOT standards and onboarding drivers, the compliance team becomes crucial.

How do Compliance teams work with FMCSA?

To see if the trucking company has committed any violations, they must check with FMCSA. Who is accountable for the offense and what kind? Finally, bring a solution and operate in the business’s best interests as a team. Furthermore, they must continue to monitor the renewal of documents like MC/DOT/insurance.

Role in On-Boarding with Shipper / Broker?

In addition, the compliance team’s responsibility is to thoroughly read the contract and provide all the paperwork that the shipper or broker requests. In addition to this, they should examine the trucking company’s criteria, such as payment terms and cargo values that must comply with insurance policies because a trucking company cannot carry more cargo than their insurance covers while still maintaining their status.

The process to get Onboarding a Driver in Trucking Industry?

Moreover, the driver is the backbone of the trucking company. If a driver is good he/she will add value to the company or if bad, he/she will put a company in a situation where no one can pull out.

So compliance team needs to double/ triple check the driver before hiring. There is some basic requirement that needs to be fulfilled before on-boarding driver:-

  • Verify commercial driver’s license validity
  • Review the applicant’s driving record 
  • Verification of proper driving skills for the equipment to be operated by the applicant driver.
  • Written and documented verification of past employment
  • Verification of medical exam records


Undoubtedly, the compliance team is regarded as the foundation of a business. There can be no space for error because it will ruin the entire business. They must stay in compliance with FMCSA and aid a carrier in keeping their status.

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